The Babcock Tomahawk

Steel: S7
Handle Material: Black Micarta or Terotuf
Features: Tapered tang
Finish: Black Cerakote
Base Price: $450.00 with kydex sheath

The Babcock was designed by Filipino Combat Systems Instructor Rich Verdejo with input from an active SEAL Team member. The Babcock is based off of the Filipino Igorot headhunting axe, and is made to be compact at less than 12″ in length and deadly with its karambit like head. Rich had the design for years and we finally put together a prototype and tested it around 2013/2014. It was the first interpretation of the Filipino design in a full tang construction that I’m aware of, and has quickly become a popular and recognizable design. This can be made custom to any specs pending available materials and additional cost. Just contact me here and I’ll be happy to take your order or provide a quote on something similar.