Monster Nessie

Blade Length: 7.5″
Total Length: Over 12.5″ OAL
Steel: CPM 3V Steel
Handle Material: Black Micarta or Terotuf
Finish: Belt Finish
Sheath: Kydex with Tek-Lok by maker (Cover image sheath by Martin Sinkels sheaths and is not included)
Base Price: $350.00
Other options available at additional costs

The Monster Nessie was the creation of two former customers.  One customer, who later became a knife maker, came up with the initial design based off of the classic Nessie pattern.  The other customer decided to blow up the design to large proportions and add a custom handle material, a pry tip, and a custom Cerakote finish.  He’s rumored to be trailblazing in the jungles of Malaysia mad with laughter.  The one pictured here is in Elmax but I will make the next generation using CPM 3V.  Although I will not make another exactly like this out of respect to the original designer, I can make something similar to this pattern or larger if needed.  Just contact me here and I’ll be happy to take your order or get you a quote on something similar.