Steel: CPM 3V
Coating: Cerakote
Handle Material: Resin Soaked Black Jute Over Neoprene
Sheath: Kydex with Tek-lok
Base price: $330.00     You can order on this site by contacting me here or request a quote for one using different materials.

A Karambit in the right hand is a tool that can save your life. Although there many karambits on the market, the extreme angle on the blade of the Stratagem allows for a fast draw and thrust while allowing for ease in slashing, parrying, and joint manipulation.  Being light and double edged makes it fast in the the hand and a force in your favor. The compact handle wrapped in resin soaked jute over neoprene allows for easy a no slip grip in all conditions.  The Stratagem is a must have tool in today’s fast pace and deceptive time.