Blade Length: 7″, 1/8″ thick or 3/16″ thick
Total Length: Over 12.5″ OAL
Steel: CPM 3V Steel
Handle Material: Resin soaked Jute over Micarta or Terotuf
Finish: Belt Finish
Sheath: Kydex with Tek-Lok by maker (Cover image sheath by Martin Sinkels sheaths and is not included)
Base Price: $285.00 
Other options available at additional costs

Please contact me here for an order or you can request a quote for a different finish, steel, handle material etc.

A mid sized fixed blade that doesn’t weigh down the belt and has a good blade shape is a true jack of all trades. It may not chop great and may not excel at all the small tasks but it can do almost everything well enough. The Wayfarer was made to fill that role and be as light and comfortable as possible.  It is capable of fulfilling the camp kitchen role with its blade shape and the right steel and grind.  It can be ground full flat or saber to suit your needs. The resin soaked jute wrapped handle helps maintain a good grip in all conditions and really . Hit the link above to contact me and order yours today!